5 easy steps to manage your anger

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Anger can be an overwhelming emotion. It drives away rational thought and puts undue strain on your mind, body, and spirit. Yet it is an emotion that we all have and cannot entirely get rid of. …

The Art of Mindfulness

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As a U.S. military veteran, I share issues that unfortunately have become commonplace amongst my brothers and sisters in the military: Anxiety, Depression, Traumatic Stress. Each of us has a different story and different experiences that brought about these conditions. …

That time a friend convinced me to run a 10K

Post-race, smiling at my foolish pride (image from author’s personal photos)

I have never found any pleasure in running. While I admit that it is an excellent form of exercise, it just doesn’t seem to work for me. …

My scuba diving adventures in the Bahamas

Close encounter with a shark in the Bahamas (image from author’s personal photos)

Into the Deep

I leaned backward, and after a brief fall splashed into the cool, waiting arms of the sea. As I began my descent, I paused, pinching my nose and blowing out to equalize the pressure. This process, called the Valsalva technique, was repeated several times until I reached the desired depth.

Pushing my physical limits through Rugby

Travis Ludvigson (top right). Personal photo provided by the author.

Towards the beginning of my service in the military, I was stationed in the little town of San Angelo, Texas. One day I was approached by a friend who asked me if I was interested in playing Rugby. …


Adventures on the road

The Pyramids of Giza by the author

My U.S. Air Force unit deployed to Cairo, Egypt to participate in joint training with the Egyptian military. Our Intelligence team was made up of myself, a younger enlisted airman, and a Captain, and we were there to provide both exercise briefings and real-world intelligence support to the commander. …

Fighting in a Muay Thai kickboxing championship in the Republic of Korea

1999 Oriental Kickboxing Championship by Author

Prior to traveling to the Republic of Korea (ROK), I had already studied a number of different martial arts, including earning a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Now since the ROK is the birthplace of Taekwondo, you’d think during my time there I naturally would have continued training in the art…

A review of Tears of Heaven

Cover art for Tears of Heaven

This is an entertaining book filled with intense action, interesting historical flashbacks, great use of witticism, and a supernatural protagonist who struggles with all too human problems and emotions.

“Tears of Heaven” is the story of Omedelia-bar-Azazel or “Del” and her fellow Nephilim who serve as agents of the Throne…

Some time ago, my family held a yard sale. In preparation, we scoured the house for all the things we hadn’t used in ages or felt we didn’t really need anymore. One exception to this was my book collection. I am a big fan of sharing books by reading them…

Is this the end, or the beginning of a whole new world?

For some time before buying this book I was feeling a deep literary malaise. I picked up a number of books, tried to read them, and subsequently put them back down. I then tried to re-read some I…

Travis Ludvigson

A writer of supernatural fiction and historical fantasy. Published with Warrior Poet Publications, Perseid Press, and Celenic Earth Publications.

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